Manual Online Investing: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

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Thought about share investing but not sure where to start? The latest figures from the Australian Tax Office show over a quarter of all private investors are sitting on to go with an online broker, you'll then need to set up an account. You really should know some of these concepts before you consider.
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All of them changed my life. Yes, this my book.

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How much money do you need? This book is legit — not just a book with a catchy title.

The six-step plan to buying shares online

Most of your savings problems have to do with your relationship to money and can be easily fixed. This book in 9 simple steps shares how you can fix them.

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It was written by personal finance pioneers Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin and has been updated multiple times over the years. It will also help you establish the precise habits that are essential to building wealth. You could also say it started my fascination with money and personal finance. The reason that they are millionaires is that they saved, invested, and live below their means. This book analyzes habits of millionaires so you can learn how to build them too.

This book taught me a lot and I recently re-read it again almost 20 years later and it was even better than I remembered. It has a lot of practical tips that you can start using immediately and will impact the rest of your life. This is the only book I have ever completed and then immediately started from the beginning and read it again. I needed to read it twice because it is packed with so much great advice and I felt like I missed half of it reading the first time. Although it was originally written 30 years it gets updated every 3 or 4 years to include up to date information — new website, tools, recommendations etc.

This is especially true of millennials — since we are young enough to truly harvest the gains and power of compound interest.

What is a mutual fund?

The Bogleheads are a large group who follow the investment advice of Vanguard founder Jack Bogle — the pioneer of index fund investing. The foundation of the Boglehead strategy is instead of buying individual stocks — buy a small piece of every stock in the stock market.

That way you make money when the stock market goes up over time — and it almost always goes up over any 1o year period. Long term it is nearly impossible for any individual stock picker to consistently beat the market so investing in the entire stock market allows your money to grow as the market grows. This book explains the power of index funds and makes a compelling case for an investing strategy that is both practical and will make you money over time.

It is widely regarded as the best book on stock investing ever written and is the book that most influenced Warren Buffet and generations of successful value based stock investors. The idea is pretty simple but profound — when you are investing in a stock you are actually investing in a small piece of a business and you should plan to invest in the business for a long time. In order to maximize your chance of earning money, you need to try and understand the core elements of a business — what they sell, who they compete with and what they have that gives them a competitive advantage.

I believe there is a lot of money to be made in real estate if you buy good deals and this book teaches you how to find them. This is by far the best book I have ever read on real estate investing. If you are planning to buy a house, condo, or investment property in the near future then you need to read this book. The Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a practical, useful, and inspirational book.

It teaches you how to make big real estate money. If you want to be an entrepreneur read this book! He covers many topics but at the core, this is the guide for becoming a 21st century digital entrepreneur where you make in the automated cloud. Tim lays out how he built a more efficient lifestyle so he could run a high income generating drop ship automated business.

He made millions of dollars and then wrote this book that made him millions more. Tim Ferris is a generational pioneer and you should listen to him. In this absolutely groundbreaking finance book, The Automatic Millionaire , David Bach outlines a simple strategy that anyone can follow to automate most of their financial life. Here are all the ways you can invest in gold, from owning the actual metal to investing in companies that finance gold miners.

The markups in the jewelry industry make this a bad option for investing in gold.

Once you've bought it, its resale value is likely to fall materially. This also assumes you're talking about gold jewelry of at least 10 karat. Pure gold is 24 karat. Extremely expensive jewelry may hold its value, but more because it is a collector's item than because of its gold content.

These are the best option for owning physical gold. However, there are markups to consider. The money it takes to turn raw gold into a coin is often passed on to the end customer. Also, most coin dealers will add a markup to their prices to compensate them for acting as middlemen. Mint , so you know you are dealing with a reputable dealer. Then you have to store the gold you've purchased. That could mean renting a safe deposit box from the local bank, where you could end up paying an ongoing cost for storage.

Selling, meanwhile, can be difficult since you have to bring your gold to a dealer, who may offer you a price that's below the current spot price. Another way to get direct exposure to gold without physically owning it, gold certificates are notes issued by a company that owns gold.

These notes are usually for unallocated gold, meaning there's no specific gold associated with the certificate, but the company says it has enough to back all outstanding certificates. You can buy allocated gold certificates, but the costs are higher. The big problem here is that the certificates are really only as good as the company backing them, sort of like banks before FDIC insurance was created. That said, if you're going to simply buy a paper representation of gold, you might want to consider exchange-traded funds instead. This fund directly purchases gold on behalf of its shareholders.

Another way to own gold indirectly, futures contracts are a highly leveraged and risky choice that is inappropriate for beginners. Even experienced investors should think twice here. Essentially, a futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange a specified amount of gold at a specified future date and price. As gold prices move up and down, the value of the contract fluctuates, with the accounts of the seller and buyer adjusted accordingly.

Futures contracts are generally traded on exchanges, so you'd need to talk to your broker to see if it supports them. The biggest problem: Futures contracts are usually bought with only a small fraction of the total contract cost. This creates leverage, which increases an investor's potential gains -- and losses.

How to Buy Shares Online: A 6-Step Approach from a Professional

And since contracts have specific end dates, you can't simply hold on to a losing position and hope it rebounds. Futures contracts are a complex and time-consuming investment that can materially amplify gains and losses. Although they are an option, they are high-risk and not recommended for beginners. One major issue with a direct investment in gold is that there's no growth potential. An ounce of gold today will be the same ounce of gold years from now.

The share market explained ... simply

This is why some investors turn to mining stocks. Their prices tend to follow the prices of the commodities on which they focus; however, because miners are running businesses that can expand over time, investors can benefit from increasing production. This can provide upside that owning physical gold never will. However, running a business also comes with the accompanying risks. Mines don't always produce as much gold as expected, workers sometimes go on strike, and disasters like a mine collapse or deadly gas leak can halt production and even cost lives.

All in all, gold miners can perform better or worse than gold -- depending on what's going on at that particular miner. That's a function of the way gold is found in nature, as well as diversification decisions on the part of the mining company's management.

Fund need-to-knows

An index is a list of stocks or bonds that is assembled based on some set of rules. Certain rules exclude certain stocks that would otherwise qualify by market cap. For example, the companies must be based in the United States and they must be a corporation issuing common stock no partnerships.

Another popular index is the Dow Jones Industrial Average , a collection of 30 stocks that the editors of the Wall Street Journal decide offer a strong representation of the U. There are similar indexes for other countries and regions as well. There are indexes that track just about everything. There are those that include equities based on market capitalization large, mid-cap, or small , sector e. Europe, emerging-markets , stock exchange e. Nasdaq, Nikkei , and even indexes that attempt to track the entire global stock market. Looking at the aggregated performance of the stocks or bonds listed on any of these indexes can provide investors with an idea of how "the market" is doing.

An index fund works a lot like a typical mutual fund.