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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Marty Schupak, the author of the Cliff Vermont book series.
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Wynken, Blynken and Nod is by Eugene Field. Neither Robinson or Parrish really did wispy pastels, though.

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It was illustrated by Garth Williams, and had many wonderful coloured illustrations. The stories included one about Georgie, a little ghost, and there were also lots of poems including the battle between the gingham dog and the calico cat. Does this ring any bells with the inquirer? Olive Beaupre Miller ed. There are various printings, but the edition I grew up on is, indeed, bound in blue, and "wispy pastels" is a fine description of the illustrative style.

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It dates from the 30's or 40's. It is presented over four pages with very large elaborate pictures! I'd say the gorgeous illustrations would have tremendous appeal to a child and would certainly be vividly recalled long afterward. While the cover color does not match your recollections, I thought it might be worth a look! Good Luck. Just a possibility -- A wonderful poetry book I just came upon with your poem in lovely soft colors, blue and yellow! Westminster, Good Luck! Watty Piper, The Bumper Book, , approximate.

Someone has already suggested The Bumper Book which is my guess if it's an anthology. I am 59 and loved the book. It also contained among others Christopher Robin, The Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat, the days of the week and months with clever pictures, etc. Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia , I remember reading Winken Blynken and Nod from a blue textured hardback. It was a collection of children's writings that came with the Arthur Mee's encyclopedia that was sold door to door for many years both in the USA and the British Empire.

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I was checking out where you may find this book and looked on this site loganberrybooks and discovered a list of anthologies. Well, here's the link I found with the children's poetry, including yours of "Wynken Blynken and Nod. A74 astral projection: this sounds something like Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, though I can't place the incident, and would say it isn't one of the first three books.

I just finished re-reading the Young Wizards series and this doesn't appear to match any incident described within them. It does sound vaguely reminiscent of the part in A Wrinkle in Time where Mrs. Who, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Which take the children to a two-dimensional planet where they cannot breathe. Just guessing here - the synopsis says "Further adventures of four children who can travel to other worlds - this time to a distant planet where enemies are fought with imagination and will power. About twins who use astral projectiom. Christopher Fahy , Nightflyers or Night flyers or Nightfliers.

About teenage kids in high school, bullying and central character learns to astral project. A brilliant book that stayed with me for years.


Joy Cowley, Ticket to the Sky Dance, They know every free food place in the city and how to make the best of looking helpless and cute. Their favourite possessions are hologram players and zeus boots - they are freedom children of the twenty-first century, using their good looks and cunning to survive. Risk-taking and danger start to unnerve Shog and Jancie and make tem jittery.

When Class Act, a famous, international modelling agency, welcomes them to its private world of extravagance and luxury, they can't believe their luck. But as the newness of luxury wears off, it is replaced by terrible fears: why were they chosen and what is really happening on the upper floors if the famous, horseshoe-shaped building? Each picture contains a myriad of unusual objects, all beginning with the same letter.

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Includes pictures of antique dolls and toys and many other childhood artifacts and treasures with accompanying text. Setting about to fill it, she plucks and chooses objects of delight from each letter of the alphabet. Bitten by the collector's bug, she embarks on an exciting adventure. This poster may be thinking of the animal books by Thornton W. All of them seem to be in print. The poster might check the Thornton Burgess books. Peter Rabbit and his many friends are followed in their daily lives and have many adventures while the reader learns about nature.

They were published in the early 's and were in most school libraties in the 50's. Disney, Pedro. This could have been a book about "Pedro," the little airplane that takes over his father's mail route. Originally a cartoon short in "Saludos Amigos" by Disney, I remember seeing the story in one of my Disney storybooks. This looks like a book about Jay Jay the Jet Plane. There are several - they are based on a cartoon series of the same name. It sounds like the plot of an MGM cartoon I saw, where an older propelled cargo plane is always being razzed by the younger, faster jets.

What's worse is that his son is also a baby jet! In order to raise money for his family, Dad Prop-plane enters some sort of contest against the jets. He tries, nearly crashes, until Junior saves the day and his dad. Hope this helps.

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Fly-away at the Air Show. We had a colorful book in the mid or so that seems to fit the description of this searcher. A anthology burned: the first story sounds like Mother Raspberry , by Maurice Careme , pictures by Marie Wabbes, published Crowell Not that it helps. Mine as a child included a 45rpm record! In it, humans were putting on teddy bear disguises so they could sneak into the teddy bears' picnic unnoticed. Hope you find yours soon!

This collection contains a story called "Pancake", "Henny-Penny", as well as a couple of "Fox" stories. It was originally published in and there have been numerous reprints, including one in Unfortunately I don't know if "Pancake" was the first story in the collection, but I bet someone else out there can look it up and let us know for sure. I think this anthology is the one I had from the Childcraft series I don't know which printing - but I had mine in the earely 70s.

The runaway pancake was the first stroy, and the cover was had a picture of the fox and the stork, which may account for the memory of the fox stroy. AII6 I think it may be this, which I reproduce from an ad beause it lists a lot of the stories. I can't find my copy to check myself. Hutchinson, Veronica S. Chimney corner stories; tales for little children. Hoban, Russell, Harvey's Hideout.

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Could you be thinking of Harvey's Hideout? It's about a brother and sister muskrat who squabble all the time. The brother has a secret cave and at the end of the book he finds out his sister has a secret cave next door to his. I'm not sure about it, but this one keeps coming up in my WorldCat searches - seems there aren't too many books with muskrats as main characters! As a result, they both spend some lonely hours refusing to play with each other. I remember the brother and sister eating cheese, which looked funny.

I keep thinking his name is Eddie. Maybe these clues will help someone come up with the title. Glad she remembered "Hollow. Emmit Otter's Jugband Christmas '70s, approximate. Part of the Parents Magazine Press Series. Oversized and orange makes me think of the Childcraft series. Volume Science and Industry meets that description 10" tall x 14" wide , and certainly has many illustrations and photographs. But I didn't see the story you cite. There's a picture of the full series on the Anthologies page , check that out just in case. Again, sorry I don't have the complete solution, but the story about the stomach is the same as the book "Dr.

Beaumont and the Man with a Hole in His Stomach. Anthony Ravielli, Wonders of the Human Body. Just a possibility Thanks for giving it a shot however your suggestions for the book in A are not the book. The book was oversized, probably " wide by 12" high. I'm still keen to track it down. I think the story about the rods and cones in the eye might be the key clue.